Your first home purchase should be a thrilling experience. You are meeting many new friends as you go through the process. Anxiety at a high level? You can Relax when you let our friendly staff guide you through the process. We do this every single day and truly enjoy working with First Time Home owners because it is such an exciting time in our new customers life. We strive to make sure it's a great experience!

The first question we often hear is how much do I pay down. We offer zero down lending programs with USDA and VA/Service member Loans you can research in detail. Just click the links in our navigation above and research any lending program we offer. When you apply online or by phone(1-888-288-1119) we will analyze your information very quickly and point you directly to the loan option that best suits your situation. If you need a "No down payment" option we'll know we need to find a property in an eligible area. That's part of the reasoning behind Buzzillion...our property site we recently launched.

It helps you, First Equity, and Realtors/sellers be able to identify the perfect fit home and loan for you quickly...a way for us to narrow your home search to save time. You may already have a home in mind. That's great. We'll get you in that home fast and meet your goals whether it's saving money needed for down payment, securing the fastest path to being mortgage free, or both. We have plans for any situation. 
Virtually every lending program offered in America has a 1st time buyer program. It's really just a marketing term when you've been
‚Äč doing this for 30 years like our firm. We know some things that are important regardless of which program you choose.
Knowing you have local experts working for you that you can trust to look out for your interest is always a plus. We'll deliver.  Let us show you a simple way to buy that 1st Home. It's not stressful at all when we help you.


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