Who Should Get A Jumbo Mortgage?

Anyone buying a home where the loan amount will exceed normal conforming limits. Jan. 1, 2017 this moved to 424,100 dollars limit (FHA). If you are not paying a down payment large enough to bring the loan amount below this limit you need a jumbo mortgage. Of course we like large loans. We work hard to be competitive in this market. 

Jumbo loans offer the same flexibility as conforming loans, however the only difference is that they are not eligible for purchase with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and must be sold in the secondary market.  Sometimes you may hear Jumbo loans referred to as non-conforming loans.

At Your Service... We are Jumbo Mortgage Specialist-
  • You can buy with 5 percent down if your credit score is above 720 and you qualify. 
  • Fixed, Variable, Variations of both, and interest only are common 
  • Terms to 30 years
  • Fast service-online-by phone-whatever is most convenient with you.
  • Statewide-We'll fund loans from our Gulf Beaches to Northern Most mountains in our beautiful state.
Apply Online or by phone at your convenience. 
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