Try our ApprovedNow option.  Maybe you haven't found the home you always wanted...yet. We know sellers, including agents, love our Approved First clients because they know we have a committed borrower making the offer who is approved pending an acceptable property.  We've already cleared income doc's and credit and only need an acceptable property. Clients have the bargaining power needed to get the best deal when making an offer. Our secure application portal allows you to exchange all needed doc's to close in record time. It's not uncommon for us to close a loan within 12 days of your submitted documents...with our Approve Now option you can expect your approval within 8 business hours. 
The first step in any Home Mortgage Transaction is a conversation... whether electronically, by phone, or in person.

Determining which loan works best for you depends on your particular situation. We'll make many calculations based on experience like: What is your maximum mortgage amount or what is your buying power. We know when guidelines can be exceeded with compensating factors. If the budget is tight our Pro's can work with you to find the optimum solution. Don't forget to sign up for our Rate Lock Advisor. Let's get started so you are ready to lock your rate at the optimum time for greatest savings.

Seller's and Realtor's truly love an Informed Buyer.
We provide tools and tips to help you research Loan Options, Realty Agents, and towns very quickly from this page.
We have a Buzzillion dollars to lend on Alabama properties. View our property site below to search for homes. 
Do you have a question? Text us from text link below-you will often catch us working after hours and on weekends.  (888-288-1119) Apply online or fill out the "No Obligation Quote" Below...No Soc. Sec. # required.

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