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Refinance Lending Solutions with VA are hard to beat! VA-100-LTV / Borrow to 100 % Appraised Value for any purpose. It's simple with Alabama's VA Mortgage Experts!

Do you need some cash for:

  • Home improvements 
  • Bill consolidation- get out of the Credit Card Black Hole?
  • Education
  • Any worthwhile purpose?
  • Maybe you just want to reduce your interest Rate or Term to get our of debt quicker? 
The VA Home Loan program provides homeowners with a simple way to take advantage of low interest rates and eliminate monthly mortgage insurance. Military homeowners can get cash back on a VA refinance and use the proceeds for a variety of needs.  You can borrow 100 percent of the Appraised Value of your home. VA 100 LTV (loan to Value) is our favorite because it gives our Veterans so many options for Cash Out purposes. Most programs only offer 85 or 80 % cash out options. Veteran can borrow to full appraised value.

The biggest advantage of refinancing with a VA home loan is that our U.S. Veteran-Service Member Homeowners can refinance up to 100% of the home's value, and Veteran's don't have to pay for mortgage insurance. A non-VA home loan normally requires 20 percent equity to drop Mtg. Insurance.
Homeowners who already have a VA home loan can reduce their monthly payments or shorten the term of their loans through a streamline refinance program known as the interest rate reduction refinance loan, or IRRRL. If you don't have a VA home loan but would be eligible for one, you may refinance your conventional mortgage into a VA loan. Lower credit scores are often allowed with VA. It's all about helping out our Veterans that deserve the best financing options in America.
Browse the links above, apply or text questions to us from the links below. We would enjoy a chance to serve you with your future home lending needs. Call us for more information at 256-543-0670 or Toll Free: 1-888-288-1119. We are always thrilled to serve our Alabama Veterans with the great service they deserve.


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