Discount Jumbo Lender Alabama
Are You buying a Home where the loan amount exceeds normal conforming loan limits? You'll need a Jumbo and We are "Super" Competitive in this very important segment of our business. 
Low Down Payment- Including 5 percent Down option with 720 scores and above. 90 percent Bank Statement purchase program. (Great for self-employed)
We also have 90 percent programs with no MI. Jumbo financing to 620 scores. These are pretty hot for refinance loans as well. We even now offer Alt A Jumbo Lending programs for special situations.
Interest only feature-We have them with Jumbo's.
Fixed, Adjustable, and variations that are fixed for 5 or 7 years then turn variable. These aren't bad if you think you are moving in next several years but we prefer the fixed rate products...but recent rate hikes have made variables attractive. You can likely qualify for a larger mortgage if the debt ratio is a close.
Browse our property search feature below- great for finding the perfect home/realtor/agent while we quickly approve your loan. Primary residence, vacation homes, second homes including condo's...we fund Jumbo's from Gulf Shore's to Valley Head. Your new home purchase always starts with a conversation. Call us today and tell us what you have planned.

We have a Buzzillion dollars to lend on Alabama properties. View our property site below to search for homes. 
Do you have a question? Text us from text link below-you will often catch us working after hours and on weekends.  (888-288-1119) Apply online and First Equity will pay for your appraisal at closing.

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