What if you could save 150$, 350$, or over a thousand Dollars each month on your monthly payments? What could this do for your family budget?
Our customers have many reasons they mention for choosing to Refinance.
Bill Consolidation to reduce monthly payments and Home Improvements are the most popular reasons. Getting out of debt faster is a more recent reason noted by many. All the lending programs we offer have great refinance products just like our purchase options but they are much easier because we often don't need as much documentation...and there's certainly fewer parties involved vs a buy.
Home Values are on the rise! We've enjoyed many years of really great interest rates partly due to slower economic conditions in general. Home values have recently surged a bit in our State as consumer confidence and economic activity has increased putting more buyers in play. Another factor has been inventory for parts of Alabama. When inventory is low and demand increases we often see prices increase substantially...especially when our construction industry is just starting to gain a footing again.

What does this mean for you? You may have more Equity in your home than you think you do. You might be a great candidate for a Cash Out Refinance to pay off higher rate consumer debts with a low fixed rate program. 

Recently FHA cut their cash out loan to value back to 80 ltv vs 85 % percent of appraised value  to match conventional lending programs. With this in mind we added some NonQM programs that allow us to not only exceed fha's former lending cap for "Cash Out" but also exceed it to 90 percent appraised value for paying off debts. Credit scores in the lower 500's are accepted for this great refinance programs. Yes you can get the money you need to consolidate your debts...apply now! 

Whether getting out of debt quicker is your plan or you just need to loosen up some dollars in the monthly budget...You have options and our Refinance Mortgage Pro's will be thrilled to help. We'll help you choose which program saves you the most money and accomplishes your goals. It's simple with First Equity. Call 256-REFI-PRO in Ft. Payne or 256-New-Loan in our Gadsden Main Branch

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