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  • Shop with First Equity. We are your neighbors and we offer all the Leading Home Buying Options in American today. The First Step in any Home Purchase should start with a conversation with one of our Local Mortgage experts. Why look at a home before you know how much to spend? We know the all related professional needed to insure a stress free transaction! We want you to find a value buy.

  • 100 Percent VA Purchase - Yes...Veterans can buy with zero-down... and we close a ton of these. We like to think we're the VA lender of choice anywhere in our home state. We spend a great deal of efforts trying to reach our Veteran's hoping we can offer you with great service in return for yours. Call us today.
  • Conventional Mortgage Loans including Home Ready by Fannie Mae and Home Path by Freddie Mac. You can buy with as little as 3 percent down with Conventional vs 3.5 percent down with FHA Home Purchase programs. Gift are allowed towards down payment. Conventional loans are our most popular programs and still the most popular in America. 
  • FHA- allows better seller concessions at high loan to value percentages.  Explore FHA Purchase Options and learn more about their very affordable and popular home purchase programs. 
  • ZERO DOWN USDA Rural Development Mortgage- If you are buying in a  Rural Area served by our USDA (which are very plentiful in our home state) this might be the loan program you prefer, This is a very popular program...we'll be glad to show you all your best options.
  • Jumbo Mortgage Loans- If you need to borrow in excess of 417k we call you a Jumbo customer...belt size doesn't matter. This is obviously one of our preferred loans so we strive to provide leading competitive options. If you can't compete you rarely get in the game. That's how we look at this program and others. 
Let our Mtg. Professionals with First Equity give you a quote or APPLY NOW! You can browse any program above. Call 1-888-288-1119 or 256-543-0670. Choose our local pro's vs out of state lenders talking about space travel and launch pads. Browse local property listings here at our search site:


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