•  FHA Available to all buyers, FHA loan programs are designed to help creditworthy low-income and moderate-income families who do not meet requirements for conventional loans...plus they offer higher a higher percentage value on your home for cash out purposes vs. conventional loans.
  • VA Your Way! Our Veteran have the very best purchase and refinance mortgage lending option in America today. Our veterans enjoy zero down purchase money and 100 percent cash out refinance money to qualified borrowers. We are experts in VA lending...love serving our vet's that have served us so well.
  • Jumbo - If you are able to afford a more expensive home, but haven't saved up enough money to bring the loan down to conforming limits of 424100 a jumbo Mortgage loan is a perfect option for you. Who doesn't like large loans in our business. We strive to be very competitive on the larger loans.
  • USDA-RD  loans are designed by the government to help medium income Americans living in rural and suburban communities buy a new home. They are the most competitive loans in the market and offer zero down payment in qualified areas of Alabama.
  • Conventional Loans If you have good credit, a steady income, and can afford a very small down payment - a conventional loan (commonly referred to as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans) may be your best option.  Conventional loans often offer slightly lower interest rates than their government-insured counterparts and lenders can often process conventional mortgages more quickly than government-insured mortgages. We'll run the numbers on both for you. 
  • Applying is easy and you can follow your loan in your personal secure portal through the entire hassle free process. Get pre-qualified in short time it takes you to view listings on our property sight below. 
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