So you Finally decided to Buy a Home?  Whether your moving out on your own for the first time or you are an Experienced Vet buying again... we are Glad you are here.   It's not Rocket Science when you've been doing this as long as us. Relax...We are Seasoned Mortgage Professionals and we've closed thousands of Purchase Money Mortgages throughout Alabama.

We offer All the Popular Mortgage Products...add NEW Programs as they hit the Market:

  • Zero/No Money Down VA HOME LOAN-Our Cherished Vet may not have the greatest Healthcare options they deserve YET but the Government gives them the very Best Home Lending Options in America today!We are an "Exceptional" VA Lender...We very proudly strive to remain A Leading Alabama VA Lender and serve Veterans buying homes in any City or County in Alabama. Quite honestly...We're great with all Lending Programs but we prefer VA programs because the Purchase and 100 Percent Cash-out Refinance options are the Best in the Market. Our Veteran Deserve the Very Best!
  • No Down Payment 100 Percent USDA/rural development Mortgage Loan This Mortgage Product is so Hot in Alabama... we had to master it. We did that long ago! We have many customers with limited Income that prefer a home in more Rural areas of Alabama. They often qualify for this zero down payment mortgage loan through USDA. We simply plug in the address and we know if the property qualifies for USDA 100 percent financing...if the customer doesn't exceed income requirements they very well may have an Approval with stips for Appraisal Etc. within four short days
  • Conventional Mortgage Loans including Fannie and Freddie Mortgage Loans- these continue to be our Most Popular Mortgage Options for Customers Buying and Refinancing Properties. Sure...they require a down payment but it does allow gifts for Down Payment so if mom really is tired of doing your laundry you probably have a Great option if you haven't saved quite enough.  
  • Of course we offer FHA Loans- We've closed hundred of these Loans and sometime find they actually offer the best Option for our New Friends/Customers(hey...that's you if you're keeping score)!  FHA has made some inroads becoming more competitive in the Market recently. We look at all your options and will direct your toward an FHA loan when it's your Best route. Some down Payment is required with FHA Purchase but just like Conventional Mortgage Loans they do allow gifts of Equity and Down Payment Gifts from family.  If your having a hard time convincing mom or dad to help you with a down payment just bring a large Indoor Dog or Teething Lab home tomorrow...they'll come around fast...they'll be glad to give you some down payment assistance.  All kidding aside...we find a just need to get this process started now...

Just because you haven't found the perfect home don't sweat it. We know all the leading Real Estate Professionals (agents/brokers, insurance agents, closing attorney's, etc) so we'll be able to assist you once we find out what kind of property you are looking for. Working with a Business that's as Old as Dirt has it's perks. We have this process simplified and built around Your Superior Customer Experience.  It doesn't matter if you are Buying, Refinancing, or Selling a Home our Mortgage Pro's can help you. If you're looking for a High Pressure High Stress Mortgage Process you've hit the wrong site. We simply offer "NO Obligation Hassle Free Answers" with a stress free Best In Industry processThe Only thing Holding US up right now is YOU so let's get started. 

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