So you're thinking about selling your home in Alabama?
We can help! Think about it...we close Purchase Mortgage Home Loans practically every single day. We certainly take calls from people looking to Buy & Refinance Real Property in Alabama on a daily basis. We have tons of former borrowers whom trust us and call us when they are considering Up-sizing or Down-sizing! People that call us are either looking for a home, refinancing, or thinking about selling. You may have hit the Jack-Pot if you are trying to sell a home right this moment. We might have a borrower Approved today that is seeking a property similar to yours.  We know how to assist the sales process...whether it's for a former Borrower, Builder, or Realtor! 

So you Want to Know How we can help you sell a house? We've been in business 30 years in 2017 so people know us. Whether We're at the Diner or the Doctor's Office  someone is always mentioning they are considering Buying, Selling, or Refinancing a Home. Our Business is built around the entire Real Estate Transaction Process. We're just one component in that transaction but we've developed some marketing avenues that bring Buyers and Seller together. Our Financing Available signs work. We can help anyone sell a home quicker...individuals, builders, and agents.  We are Built to Fund Mortgage Loans! 

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We've bought and sold Homes and Investment Properties  so we know our Financing Available signs work... first hand! It's free advertising for us but it get's Qualified Borrowers to your door that you "know" have the ability to buy once we have talked with them and processed them to Approval Status. Now that's a Hot Buyer any Seller, Builder, or Realtor likes.. We're just doing our normal "Quality Assurance" checks after our  Fast Approval Process. You can now Relax knowing you have an Approved Buyer and we're handling the Small Little Details left to meet at the Closing Table. Call Today 256-543-0670 direct. If you wish fill out the contact form and we'll be thrilled to send you our home selling kit with useful information. We'll get your buyer Approved. If your having trouble finding buyers you can view our property site to find a great agent in your area. Maybe the price is just need the marketing assistance of Real Estate Pro's and our Expert Mortgage Pro's to speed your sale. We'll gladly help.

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Are you looking to sell your house? Let us help you. Just fill out as much of the information below that you want and we'll get right back to you, with no obligation to you. We guarantee your privacy.

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